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Sunsea Aviation Services P Ltd is incorporated in the year 2006 and it fulfills students’ dream of being a part of the booming aviation Industry. Sunsea Aviation Services Private Limited is one of India’s leading overseas aviation education counselors and promoters. It gives solutions to your aviation dreams through effective counseling and thereby recommend the appropriate countries and institutions based on students’ budget.

Sunsea Aviation Services Private Ltd is one of the innovative brain child of SUNSEA GROUP which has created a renowned name in the field of aviation education over a period of time spanning 25 years. 

Pilot Training Courses


Student Pilot License

Student Pilot License (or SPL in short) is the first step toward attaining your dream of acquiring Commercial or Private Pilot License! If you are interested in flying airplanes, you should consider for applying for (and own) an SPL. It’s a prerequisite for flying and pilot training. It’s after acquiring an SPL that candidates can move ahead to superior licenses just like the PPL, CPL and ATPL.


Private Pilot License

A Private Pilot License (PPL) is the most sought after type of pilot certification. PPL stands for Private Pilot License. The private Pilot certificates, internationally known as the private Pilot License (PPL), is your first aim as a pilot. The PPL offers foundational knowledge and skills for all destiny plane pilot education. 


Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License is required while pursuing a Professional career in Aviation. This qualification allows you to receive remuneration on your flying activities and be pilot in command (on aircrafts certified for single pilot operations) or co-pilot (on large commercial aircrafts certified for mutli-crew operations once type specific training is completed.)


Flight Instructor Ratings

Flight Instructors  is usually thought of as someone who teaches a novice how to fly, always bear in mind that a he/she engages in advanced training as well. The Instructor  will instruct the student in three common areas: knowledge, skill, and judgment.


Instrument Ratings

Instrument rating refers the qualifications that a pilot should have to fly under instrument flight rules . It requires for explicit training and guidance beyond what is required for a private pilot certificates or commercial pilot certificate, including rules and procedures specific to instrument ratings, further preparation in meteorology, and more intensive preparation to the flight solely by reference to instruments.


Night Ratings

The Night Ratings allows you to fly single/multi engine aircraft which can be categorised as non-high performance during night hours under visible Flight guidelines and visual Meteorological conditions.