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SUNSEA represents premier aviation flight schools and institutions like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, UK, South Africa, Greece, UAE and Ireland for Pilot Training , Helicopter training, Aircraft Maintenance courses.

SUNSEA offers expert counseling for selection of the right Schools with expert visa guidance to assists in DGCA license conversion formalities and placement thereafter.

SUNSEA also conducts basic simulator pilot training in FAA approved Elite Simulator to have a smooth take off while in overseas pilot training schools.

Pilot Training in Usa

The USA is the world’s leading destination for worldwide students seeking to adopt commercial Pilot training, with the nation continuing to dominate the rankings. Thanks to its huge choice of exciting study and flight training options.

Each year, the number of Indian students participating in pilot training in the us has gradually accelerated and the united states has end up the maximum preferred destination for obtaining your Desired Pilot licenses. Residing, Studying and Working in the US offers students the exposure and the confidence that very few other international locations are capable of offer. Residing within the USA means you may be able of enjoy interacting and engaging with a big and various populace that may be a blend of different cultures, nationalities and people.

Pilot Training in Canada

Canadian Pilot Licences – respected and validated around the world as ICAO Pilot Licences. There are Canadian pilots flying professionally for airlines, military, UN Relief, Helicopter Contracts etc. For example…….UN Relief Flights in Africa, Cathay Pacific Airways & DragonAir of Hong Kong, Qatar Airways, Emirates airline of Dubai, Singapore Airlines, Japan Air Systems, and much more.

Pilot Training in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most famous destination for Pilot training(pilot Training in Philippines) in Asia due to it is English talking populace and huge variety of Flight Schools. The Philippines with greater than 100 million people and 7,600 islands has more than 40 Flight Schools both Philippines and overseas students Studying There. Low cost of living and a good tropical weather makes the Philippines an appealing destination for Pilot training and being a Pilot is one of the pinnacle earnings jobs within the Philippines.

Pilot Training in South Africa

We are one of the leading pilot training organisation in South Africa established by experienced aviation professionals for you. Our mission is to train pilots to the very highest standard of excellence in aviation, safety, education, competency, command and to achieve their individual, personal and professional aviation goals. The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA) approved qualification offers valuable experience and professional pre-employment skills that give our students a flying start to their aviation career. If you’ve always dreamed of flying, either as an aviation enthusiast or as a commercial pilot, our first class training programs can help you get your journey off the ground and put your aspirations within reach.

Pilot Training in New Zealand

New Zealand has excellent Training Schools and Facilities. Kiwi Pilots are highly respected throughout the world and many have ventured away from home to fly abroad for international airlines such as Korean Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airlines Cargo, and more.

The weather is perfect for Flight Training – with many clear sunny days for months on end. In New Zealand, pilots in training can take advantage of the cooler seasons to get practical experience flying in cloud in IMC conditions.