About Sunsea


Sunsea Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated under companies act in 2005. Sunsea Aviation Services P Ltd is one of India's leading overseas aviation education counselors and promoters.

The Managing Director: Mr.C.N.Ravisagar

Sunsea Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. is recognized for its quality management system and is certified as ISO 9001:2008.


To be a landmark in providing overseas education to deserving Indian students in the field of aviation and make them competent to be a force to reckon with in the international aviation arena.



To bring out the innate talents of Indian students to the fore, channelize in a constructive way and guide them for quality overseas education to make a mark for themselves in their academic and professional life.


During the one and half decades of its existence, Sunsea Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. has set up a benchmark of transparency, quality and commitment. Sunsea has achieved the distinction of being a prime aviation education provider in India. More than 600 students have gone abroad and pursued aviation studies in different countries under the auspices of Sunsea and they are well established in their careers.

Method of working

Sunea has a systematic and professional method of providing assistance to students who wish to pursue studies abroad. Once the students approaches Sunsea, a free and expert counseling is carried out wherein the student’s interest and suitability are taken into account and they are guided to pursue studies which have a high potential of utilization their acquired talents and skills to achieve progress in their career.

Choosing of institutions

Identification of suitable institution is of paramount importance for the successful academic and career excellence of a student who wishes to pursue studies abroad and Sunsea excels in this aspect and is a cut above the rest .

Expertise in counseling which focuses on the need and credentials of the student and matching the same with the requirements of the institution after critical study and analysis is the forte of Sunsea.

Maximum thrust is given to the aspect of the progress of academic and career graph in line with the aspirations, talents and credentials of the student.